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Day in Monaco

Money, money, money

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We are very slow (even by our standards) to get going the next day, and when we do we are off to Monaco. We have no idea what we want to do here, it is a bit of a sticky beak around town. It takes an hour and a bit to get there, not bad for the distance. We do a bit more of a tour of the town than we intended trying to get a car park in a half decent spot. Once that’s done it’s time to mingle. We head out past the casino gardens before heading off to find a bite to eat. The Casino

The Casino

This being Monaco, we just grab a roll each before heading down to the beach. We head down past the Rolls, Aston and Maybach dealers before crossing to the beach. Not that we can see one as the real estate is worth way too much to leave it for something so frivolous.In Ronaldinho's footsteps - hopefully it rubs off

In Ronaldinho's footsteps - hopefully it rubs off

G gets to put his feet where Ronaldinho’s have been, and then we wander up to the Casino to take in the view over the port and all the expensive toys therein. There were cruisers starting at 35 metres going up to well over 100 for the biggest. They were packed in so densely you could have walked clear across the harbour.Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool



We head back past the Hermes, Gucci, D&G et al to the front of the casino where G is rapt to discover the line up of cars – Ferraris, Astons, Jags and the trump – a Bugatti Veyron! In child heaven. Also explains why Monaco have not used lumps in the street to slow traffic like every other country in Europe.At the line up in front of the Casino

At the line up in front of the Casino

Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror

Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror

We wander around a bit more with a Gelati before heading back to the car. We head out and drive the Grand Prix track for a lap before we head back to Grasse. Cook the tortellini we got in Villeneuve Loubet and it was great.You can go fast here

You can go fast here

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