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Last day in Roma

And Europe too

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The buses are running again in the morning, and we ride in together. G and I are going to head off and look at a few different things, and L is off to the shops. We head out to the Pantheon, which we reckon is pretty amazing considering it was built 2000 years ago. The sun is streaming dramatically in through the roof and the marble decoration gives you an idea of what the other Roman buildings would have looked like in their prime. I think G was genuinely impressed!
See the light

See the light

In the Pantheon

In the Pantheon

Nearby we check out Piazza Navour, which I have manoeuvred G into on the pretext of showing him a toy shop. We do find a couple too, so honour is satisfied. We jump on a bus to get to where we want to, but a small detail is that we do not know where the bus is going. After we wrongly head over the river, we hop off and wander back via a cold drink. I get to have a look at a bike shop with some very cool machines in it, but none of the gear I am after.
Around this point we get to thinking we have had enough and we are quite happy with the idea of heading home to a long cold drink to soothe us. We hop on the 492 bus and head back to San Lorenzo. Up and cooled, it is time to start packing up all our stuff ready for our last day in Europe for a while.
End of a long day

End of a long day

Try to check in on line, but the Malaysian Airlines system would still not recognise our ticket numbers. Try to check in by our flights, no success. So we give a call to Kuala Lumpur to see what has happened to us. I spend 40 minutes on the phone with them, but they cannot tell me anything of any use – they can see our tickets going from Australia to Paris in April, but there is nothing after that – we seem to have disappeared and the lady ‘cannot see you anywhere’ on the system. She cannot trace us by name, by flight, ticket number, reservation, anything – and she is the expert for Malaysian Airlines. Her best advice is to ‘just turn up at the counter tomorrow and it will be fine’. Not trusting this after the near debacle on the way out, I get a phone number for the Rome operations then hang up. Fortunately, Yuro in Rome is more helpful and seems to understand the system better than the Malaysians. He has found us, and worked out that our tickets have been exchanged – what for he cannot tell us. We are not showing on the flight and there are only two tickets available on the flight. He asks us to leave it with him and give him a call back in an hour.
One hour later, Yuro has been on the phone with KL and thinks he has sorted us out some seats for the next day. He says to make sure we are on time in the morning and he will see us there.
That sorted, we head out for dinner nearby at Tram Tram. This is a great little restaurant serving some good honest food and not focussing on pasta and pizza. This is an excellent way to finish the food side of Italy and we need to have an easy walk home to let it settle a bit. Still just enough space to fit in some of Terry’s Chocolate Orange – I’m sure he won’t miss it. Now to try and get some sleep.

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